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Meet the Team

Keith & Gail Bailey

Pastor & Wife

Family, Community, Love

family man from East Tennessee, Keith doesn't try to hide the scars of his past. He will openly talk about his struggles with the loss of his father at a young age, prescription drugs, and mean spirit. His past is a reminder to him of the amazing change God has made in his life and his family. ​

Keith and Gail have open hearts that want to see our community changed through Jesus. When you talk to them you will always be getting a authentic conversation with someone who genuinely cares.

Family, Community, Love

Having been with the church for a number of years, Keevin has learned what goes into leading a church through both good and tough times. He gets his strength from his faith and his family.


Keevin will gladly share his advice from years of working with churches and as an educator in the local school system. He has never forgotten the deep roots he has in his community and desires to see it changed with the Gospel. 

Keevin Woody

Deacon & Sunday School Director

Youth, Passion, Impact

A college student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, Aaron shares the challenges of being a young person in today's culture from a first hand perspective. He uses his struggles as starting points for teaching about the importance of staying true God.

Aaron seeks to create new opportunities for our youth to grow in their faith. Using the immense support of our church to expose them to the reality of serving and changing the world for Christ.

Aaron Woody

Youth Leader

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